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Zoom The Beetlejuice Snuffle Mat
Zoom The Beetlejuice Snuffle Mat
Zoom The Beetlejuice Snuffle Mat
Zoom The Beetlejuice Snuffle Mat

The Beetlejuice Snuffle Mat


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The Beetlejuice Mat is here for all your fabulous dog's foraging needs! This 12" by 15.5" mat has Black, White, Red, Purple, and Neon Green Felt straps woven into a plastic mat for bright spooky feeding fun. You can use the Beetlejuice Mat during feeding, training, relaxing, or enrichment time. Simply put yummies for your dog to snuff out in between the felt strips and watch them go. Plus, every snuffle mat comes with one free 1 ounce sample of Yoshito Treats! We will randomly select either their Loco Moco or Tekka Maki Trainers to add to your order so your pup can get snufflin' right away!

Why snuffle? A dog's nose is 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than a human nose, and using their smart snoot is a great way for them to gather information and release stress. This creates mental stimulation by initiating the foraging and smelling centers of their beautiful brains. Have a pup that gobbles up their kibble too fast? Try feeding them in a snuffle! Is your doggo on restricted physical activity? Provide them some enrichment by feeding them in a snuffle!

Notes on Snuffle Mat Care: Because the base of the snuffle is plastic, they should not be placed in the dryer. You can hand wash your mat in the sink and lay it out to dry in the sun.

Our snuffle mats are proudly made by hand by our Production Manager Cory Abshear! Each snuffle mat is handmade by individually tying each piece of felt into the plastic mat. If you have a more rough and tumble pup that likes to shred things, the mat might get a little damaged. Our mats are not eligible for return or exchange, but we can provide replacement felt strips if needed. Coupon codes are not valid on snuffle mats. Please contact us if you have any questions about snuffle mats before purchasing. 


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