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5 Reasons Your Dog Leash Should Be Made With Genuine BioThane

We use genuine BioThane to make all of our dog leashes, long lines, collars, and accessories. There are other options out there for coated webbing, but we choose genuine BioThane for a reason – 5 reasons to be exact.

1. BioThane is manufactured in the US. 

The BioThane corporation must adhere to regulatory standards ensuring their products are safe. They must also follow US labor laws and safety regulations, including limiting exposure to the chemicals released when plastics are manufactured. Plus, it's less resource and carbon intensive to ship domestically, and we help to support US jobs in manufacturing. Other coated webbing products may be cheaper, but at what cost? 

2. BioThane has a huge R&D Department. 

The BioThane corporation tests their products extensively for break strength, colorfast and antimicrobial properties, uniform surface coating, and more. This data is available on their website, and it gives me a lot of peace of mind when thinking about your the safety of my dog, and your dog!⁠ 

3.The people that represent BioThane.

The folks at BioThane (and their distributors) are genuinely helpful and kind, and are always quick to help us when we have questions, or on the (rare!) occasion when we've had an issue with a shipment. They love working with makers like us, and they provide a lot of help and support. Our distributor even sends us a holiday card.

⁠4. BioThane means options.

BioThane comes in SO many colors and in a variety of widths and styles. Which means our dog leashes and longlines can come in SO many colors and in a variety of widths and styles. New colors are released semi-regularly, and every color is tested before release to ensure that it will hold up over time and with exposure to the elements. And you know waterproof dog leashes are a must.  ⁠

BioThane Dog Leashes in blue, maroon, and yellow

5. Genuine BioThane has that magic touch.

Genuine BioThane has an amazing, unbeatable "hand feel". Dog leashes made of BioThane are soft and pliable, with a slightly textured surface to help with grip. Other coated webbings, especially cheaper ones, often  have a different surface texture, are less pliable, are more slippery, and have the potential to cause leash burn. 

These are just a few reasons why at High Tail Hikes we choose genuine BioThane. We truly believe it's the best material on the market for making dog gear and dog accessories! ⁠ And we think you and your dog will love them too!