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Custom gear production time 1-2 weeks Free US Shipping Over $85

All About Our Customization Options

One of the things that sets us apart from other dog gear companies is that we offer full customization. When building your leash, you can choose from a variety of add ons and hardware options as well as color, length, and size options. You can design a beautiful, one of a kind custom leash that is perfectly suited to you and your pup's style, size, and unique needs. Here, we break down each of these options for you. Enjoy! As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss a custom order, contact us. We have a limited capacity to accept custom orders beyond what is offered on our site, but if you have an idea for a custom leash or an add-on, please do let us know and we'll see what we can do! 

How the Process Works

Within our Leash and Long Line Collection, we have our products organized by hardware (Sport Carabiner BioThane Leashes and Long Lines or Brass Hardware BioThane Leashes and Long Lines) and then by size (Small 3/8" width, Medium 1/2" width, and Large 3/4" width). This means that you'll decide on which hardware type you'd like, and then click on the size you'd like. For example, if I have a 15 pound dog and I'd like a long line with brass hardware, I'll click on Brass Leashes + Long Lines: Small Dogs (3/8" width). If you're not sure what width to select, read our blog about leash + long line sizing. Once you're on the product page, the real fun begins! 

Leash Length + Colors

First you'll choose the length for your leash or long line! Learn about how to choose the best length leash for your dog. Once you've chosen the length, you'll choose your preferred color.** Once you've chosen your main leash color, decide if you want to make your Leash Two Tone! If you choose a Two Tone Accent, the handle and clasp ends of your leash will be made using your preferred accent color. If you prefer a single color leash, no worries - no accent color is the default selection. For inspiration on Two Tone color combos, check out the "BioThane Colors" highlight on our Instagram Page

**Please note - we love to be able to offer you a variety of colors in all three widths, but this also means that keeping stock can at times be a challenge! Occasionally, we'll have to email you to let you know that a color is out of stock or backordered, and ask if you would like an alternate color.

Hardware Type

We offer two main hardware styes - Sport Carabiner BioThane Leashes and Long Lines or Brass Hardware BioThane Leashes and Long Lines. Our Sport hardware features an aviation grade, autolocking anodized aluminum carabiner - extremely strong, lightweight, and also extremely secure. Our Brass Collection features solid brass bolt or scissor snaps, which are high quality, durable, rust proof, and have a classic look. Learn more about our hardware options.

Clasp Type (for Classic Brass Products):

For our Brass Leashes and Long Lines, we offer the choice of a solid brass bolt snap or a scissor snap. While bolt snaps are standard in the pet industry, a scissor snap can be a good option if you are doing a lot of beach trips. What to choose for my leash - Bolt Snap vs Scissor Snap.

D Ring/O Ring

You'll then choose if you want to add a fixed D Ring or a Floating O Ring to your handle. Some people like to have a D Ring or an O Ring added to their leash or line handle so that they can attach something to the handle, like a poop bag holder, clip the leash to itself and carry it over their shoulder, or clip two leashes or long lines together (to extend the length). A D Ring is "fixed," or riveted in place at the base of the handle, while the O Ring is "floating," or loose on the handle. A fixed D Ring is the most popular selection here, though some prefer a floating O Ring if they are planning to connect two leashes together. 

Built in Traffic Handle

A built-in traffic handle is a handle, approximately 12” in length, that is built into your leash or long line. The purpose is to be able to secure your dog close to you as needed - when crossing a busy street, in a congested area, in an emergency, or as a management tool when working with a reactive dog and you unexpectedly encounter a trigger. Because dogs and people are all different heights, we now offer the option of four different custom placements for your traffic handle: at the base of the leash directly above the snap, 12" above the snap, 18" above the snap, and 24" above the snap. To determine the appropriate placement, attach a leash as you would normally - whether it's on your pup's harness or collar. Hold the leash as you would while walking, and get a feel for what point on the leash you would reach for if you needed to secure your dog quickly. This will be different for every dog and handler. Please note - if you have a very small dog, a short dog, if you are using a front clip harness, or if you are using your leash/long line as a drag line, we recommend selecting a higher placement for your traffic handle, or going without a traffic handle, so that your dog's legs do not get caught. If you are not sure what type of built in traffic handle to order, or whether a traffic handle is right for you, please contact us. You may also consider the stand alone Traffic Handle in our Accessories Collection, which can serve the same purpose but you can take on and off as needed. 

Loop Handle Yes/No:

Adding a loop handle is the standard, preselected option. If you are using your leash or long line exclusively as a drag line, you may want to forgo the handle to reduce the chance of the handle getting snagged or caught. If unsure, we recommend adding a loop handle. Of course, if you select a leash without a handle, we will not be able to add an accent color on the handle end, or add a D Ring or an O Ring. 

If you have any questions about our add-on options, or would like to discuss a different custom option not described here, please contact us and we'd be happy to chat!