All About Our Customization Options

Many of our customers request add-on options for our leashes and long lines. We've decided to offer several add-ons options to our product pages so that you can create a truly customized, one of a kind leash to suit your needs. Here, we break down each of these options for you. Enjoy! As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss a custom order, contact us. 

Built in Traffic Handle

A built-in traffic handle is a handle, approximately 12” in length, that is riveted to your leash or long line. We now offer the option of four different custom placements for your traffic handle: at the base of the leash directly above the snap, 12" above the snap, 18" above the snap, and 24" above the snap. These options are designed to accommodate various sized dogs and handlers. If you are not sure what type of built in traffic handle to order, or whether a traffic handle is right for you, please contact us, or consider the stand alone traffic handle option. ***If you have a very small dog, a short dog, if you are using a front clip harness, or if you are using your leash/long line as a drag line, we recommend selecting a higher placement for your traffic handle, or going without a traffic handle, so that your dog's legs do not get caught. 

D Ring/O Ring:

Some people like to have a D Ring or an O Ring added to their leash or line line handle so that they can attach something to the handle (like a poop bag holder), clip the leash to itself and carry it over their shoulder, or clip two leashes or long lines together (to extend the length). A D Ring is "fixed," or riveted in place at the base of the handle, while the O Ring is "floating" or loose on the handle. 

Clasp Type (for Classic Brass Products):

For our Classic Brass Leashes and Long Lines, we offer the choice of a Solid Brass Bolt Snap or a Scissor Snap. A Bolt Snap is the "Standard" option, while a Scissor Snap is a little bit heavier. A Scissor Snap can be a good option if you are doing a lot of beach trips, as salt water can cause a sticky bolt snap over time due to corrosion of the metal spring inside the snap. To learn more about these hardware options, read this blog post. If you are looking for a Carabiner option, see our Sport Leashes and Sport Long Lines. 

Loop Handle Yes/No:

Adding a loop handle is the standard option. Some people prefer their leash or long line without a handle if they are using it primarily as a drag line. If unsure, we recommend adding a loop handle. 

If you have any questions about our add-on options, or would like to discuss a different custom option not described here, please send us an email and we'd be happy to chat! 

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