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Zoom long dog leash in green color with brass hardware on white background
Zoom graphic showing available biothane color choices
Zoom Hands Free + Convertible Brass Leash - Medium Dogs (1/2" Width)
Zoom Hands Free + Convertible Brass Leash - Medium Dogs (1/2" Width)
Zoom green, blue, and black biothane hands free leash with brass hardware close up on white background
Zoom green, blue and black handsfree dog leash hook on brass hardware with white background
Zoom close up of brass hardware on biothane leashes of three sizes on white background
Zoom women wearing hands free biothane dog leash standing in front of brown dog in the grass
Zoom close up of women wearing biothane long hands free dog leash and brass hardware
Zoom diagram of multifunctional 8 in 1 design for biothane dog leashes
Zoom Rule on the left showing the size difference of hardware options of scissor snaps, bolt snaps and sport autolocking carabiners
Zoom diagram of handle attachment to biothane dog leash
Zoom diagram of waist attachment on biothane dog leash
Zoom diagram of crossbody attachment on biothane dong leash
Zoom diagram of collar and harness attachemnt on biothane dog leash
Zoom diagram of leash sizing guidelines
Zoom Hands Free + Convertible Brass Leash - Medium Dogs (1/2" Width)

Hands Free + Convertible Brass Leash - Medium Dogs (1/2" Width)


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Our NEW Hands Free + Convertible Leash is perfect for everyday use! It's lightweight and low profile, but packed with features and so versatile. With three fixed D-Rings along its length, an adjustable sliding O Ring along the upper section, and a detachable handle, it can be used it as a standard leash with three different length options, worn crossbody, or clipped around the waist. Use as a quick tether when needed (never when your dog is unsupervised), double-clip your dog's harness, or even walk two dogs. 

See graphics for further specs and possible uses. Length refers to the total length from the snap to end of the loop handle when being used as a standard leash (not around waist). The section from the crossbody d-ring attachment to the end of the loop handle is approximately 4". The amount of slack from the crossbody d-ring to the snap that connects to your dog is as follows:  

7 foot = approx 3 ft slack  

8 ft = approx 4 ft slack 

9 ft = approx 5 ft slack 

10 ft = approx 6 ft slack 

12 ft = approx 8 ft slack 

If you are wearing the leash around your waist, you will have some additional slack due to your waist measurement being smaller than your crossbody measurement. When deciding on length, think about how you will be wearing the leash and how much slack you would like to have for your dog in that configuration. 

Built with solid brass hardware and available in three widths - 3/8" (best for dogs 5-30 pounds), 1/2" (best for dogs 30-60 pounds) and 3/4" (best for dogs 60 pounds and up). Available in several length options - length refers to total length when standard handle is clipped. You can also choose to add a built in traffic handle to the base of your leash for extra control when needed. Select a single color for a classic look, or add an accent color to create a one of a kind, Two Tone leash customized to you and your dog's taste! 

If you are looking for hands free functionality on a longer line (longer than the lengths offered here), please visit our Leashes and Long Lines Collection, where you can request a Convertible Handle + Sliding O Ring upgrade to any long line (under the "Handle Option" drop down). 

Our leashes and long lines are made from BioThane, a vegan leather substitute that is waterproof, antimicrobial (odor and mold proof), lightweight, easy to handle, soft in the hand, and easy to clean. Your BioThane gear will hold up over years of use and will get softer and more pliable over time. 

Please note that BioThane is not chew proof and your dog should never be left unattended or tied out wearing a leash or long line. Any hands free or convertible leash product should be used with discretion and with awareness of the environment. You are ultimately responsible for the safety of yourself and your dog when using any walking equipment. Our products are guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship. For more details, see our Return + Exchange Policy. For more information and care instructions, please see our FAQs.  

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Hands Free + Convertible Brass Leash - Medium Dogs (1/2" Width)


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jessie B.
Can't say enough good things about this leash!

This leash is awesome! I love the versatility of being able to go hands free or give my dog more room to wander at the full length. The customizations are great as well. I got the 10 footer with the traffic handle at 12". It's a comfortable height for me and I can still use it even when she's clipped in front. All the clips and rings make it easy to attach to my 20 ft long line. It is very well made and feels very secure. Plus it's really pretty! I went with the Forrest Green and Flamingo combo and love it.

Sounds like the perfect fit for your adventures! Hands Free makes it so easy to enjoy the day! Thank you Jessie!

Rosa A.
I’m hoping one day they will make matching harnesses

This is my second hands free convertible leash and I love it as much as the first one! We use it daily and it’s great when I need her close to me or when I know she can roam around. I only wish they made matching harnesses so my OCD doesn’t drive me crazy as the harness I have isn’t an exact match lol but that’s a me problem I guess

Oh Rosa, I totally understand the OCD color match! We will put this on the 'wish list' you just never know THANK YOU!

Sasha B.
The best leashes!

We absolutely love everything we have gotten from High Tail Hikes! Durable, strong, and expertly made!

Lori T.
Love Everything About This Leash!

I purchased the 12 ft hands free convertible leash (½ inch with brass hardware). I can’t rave enough about this leash! As it is convertible, I have plenty of options on how to use it. I tend to use it most as a crossbody leash when taking my puppy on walks. Being hands free allows me to reward him easily. My husband prefers to use it as a standard leash, so with just a quick snap to another D ring, he’s got a comfortable handle and nearly the full 12 ft length.

Love the lightweight BioThane too! Ozzy is just starting to discover the water so having a waterproof leash is a huge bonus! A quick swipe down the length of the leash and the sand is gone and the leash is dry.

Toughest part about this purchase was choosing the color. SO many choices! We also have a 30 ft long line from High Tail Hikes That we use for training and to give Ozzy a bit more freedom to explore when we are on the trail.

Love the quality and workmanship!

Thank you Lori! So glad you (and Ozzy) are loving your HTH gear! We appreciate you!

Kari S.
Exactly as advertised. The color

Exactly as advertised. The color is rich and vibrant. The leash is is comfortable in my hands and strong. The 7 foot length is perfect for walking in heel around stores and my dog is still able to lay down comfortably while I’m looking at things. It’s exactly what was looking for.

That is great Kari! So glad you are loving the functionality of your new gear! THANK YOU!