10 Things I've Learned About Life From Walking Dogs

1.     Positive reinforcement works. Notice and reward what you like.

2.     Be patient. Most things improve with time. Setbacks are part of progress. 

3.     Forgive quickly (including yourself). Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has bad days.

4.     Keep moving. Things tend to go south when you stay in one place.

5.     Don’t scold or punish. It’s rarely effective. Instead, interrupt and redirect. 

6.     Make time for eye contact and physical affection. Be present in the moment.

7.     Everyone is an individual. Respect that.

8.     Resist the urge to micromanage. Let go of having total control. Breathe.

9.     Allow for opportunities to earn and build trust.

10.   Seize opportunities for joy, spontaneity, and silliness.

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