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2021 East Bay SPCA Holiday Pup Cup Party!

Karina (owner of Yoshito Treats) and I were sitting in my backyard last fall chatting about business and life, and throwing around some ideas about how to work together on something fun for the holidays. I mentioned a fundraiser I had seen for a stuffed Kong "Thanksgiving Dinner" for shelter pups, and we agreed that it sounded like a fun idea! After noodling on the concept for a while, Karina came up with the idea of a "Pup Cup" - a soft filling in a cake cone topped with a crunchy biscuit. We reached out to the East Bay SPCA, and they were thrilled to work with us and host a Pup Cup party for their shelter animals. 

Thanks to the generosity of over 40 donors (thank you so much if you contributed!) we were able to raise over $600! Karina generously covered the cost of the pup cups, so we were able to contribute the entire amount to the shelter in the form of a monetary donation and the fulfillment of several items from the wish list including harnesses, treats, and enrichment toys for the shelter animals. Thank you so much to everyone who participated - we are so grateful! 

Last Saturday (12/18) was our Pup Cup Party! It was such a heartwarming day. The shelter staff and volunteers were so gracious, it was a ton of fun assembling the pup cups, and of course it was incredibly joyous to see the shelter pups devouring their treats! Knowing that we were able to help bring just a couple moments of novelty and excitement to these dogs’ stay at the shelter felt so good, and we all agreed that we’ll have to make this a regular thing. Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this happen!

Here are some photos from the day!

An image of Pup Cups - a cake cone with soft filling, whipped cream, and a crunchy dog biscuit treat on top

The Pup Cups.

A dog shelter volunteer kneels in front of a glass kennel door to give a Pup Cup enrichment treat to a shelter pup.

The pups were so excited!

 A woman kneels down to give a treat to a white fluffy dog

Karina helps Luna sample the Pup Cup. 

This sweetheart was so gentle.

A close up of a large down dog crunching a cake cone treat on the ground.

Crunch crunch!

A small shih tzu mix dog inside a shelter kennel with a pup cup dog treat on the ground.

After the outdoor treats we visited pups in the kennels.

A brown and white dog crunches a treat inside a shelter kennel.

So many sweeties at the East Bay SPCA who are looking for homes.