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What's Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

It's October! Here in California we're still having 80 degree days, and the changing of seasons is more subtle, but still there. The quality of the air is different, days are shortening, the squirrels are furiously caching nuts, and the crunch of dry leaves is underfoot. 

We were lucky enough to be able to get away to the mountains a couple of weekends back. It was such a nice respite - we hiked to a mountain lake, ate apples from the old orchard on the property where we stayed, and just enjoyed the crisp air and the scent of pines. In the day to day, it's so easy to get caught up in the urgency of all of the things that demand our time. For me, the change of seasons is a reminder to slow down, observe, and reflect on what truly matters. 

I hope that wherever you are, you can take some time to notice, enjoy, celebrate, reflect - whatever feels right to you. 

A scene of a meadow and a mountain from a balcony.

We were lucky enough to have this view for a few days. 

What's Your Favorite Fall Activity? 

I'm running a fun little giveaway on my Instagram page this weekend, and I asked folks to share with me where they live, and a favorite fall activity. I really wanted to feel the fall vibes, and you all have not disappointed! Here are some of the responses: 

I’m in Washington, DC and I love to go to the arboretum when the leaves get crunchy!

Pittsburgh! I started a yearly tradition of blocking off a mid October peak leaf season weekend on my schedule to rent a cabin or go camping somewhere in PA to hike and take my kayak out on a lake. It’s coming up soon!

Grand Rapids, Michigan! Nothing beats checking out all the colors of the trees with some fresh apple cider.

(Paige, TX) I love making pumpkin bread and doggie pumpkin treats with my homegrown pumpkins every fall! 

I’m in Bend, OR and I love to hike with my pups in places where the leaves are changing colors.

We’re in Southern California and our favorite fall activity is playing in the parks after dinner because a lot less people stay out when the sun sets earlier!

We’re recent transplants (from Chicago) to the Greater Boston area! Our favorite Fall activity is long-line decompression walks in the conservation land near our home.

We live in Sonoma county CA and love our misty morning walks and watching the grape vines change color. 

We are in Brooklyn and we love going hiking and fishing upstate and apple picking!!

After reading through all of your responses, I realize that I need to do a totally separate post about why fall is such a great season for pups and their people - so many fun activities to do together, and cooler temps can mean less crowds and more outdoor options. Stay tuned for that! 

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