Two Tone Biothane Leashes and Long Lines are Here!

At long last, after lots of customer requests and custom orders, we've decided to make Two Tone Leashes and Long Lines available in our shop! Our Two Tones are such a fun spin on our standard design - rather than a single color, our Two Tones sport an accent color of your choice at both the handle and clasp end of the leash. With 15+ color options, 9 lengths, 3 widths, lots of customization options, and now the Two Tone option, you can create a gorgeous, fully customized leash or long line that perfectly suits you and your pup. Be prepared to get lots of comments on your leash out in the world :) 

It's simple to make any leash or long line (including our new Hands Free + Convertible Leash) a Two Tone! From any of the leash or long line product pages, after choosing your main leash length and color, simply select a color swatch under "Make Mine Two Tone," and we will add the accent color of your choice to the handle and clasp end of your leash (see photo below for examples). 

In order to perfect our design and to explore fun color combinations, I worked with our ten Summer Ambassadors to design a unique two tone leash for each of them - in the colors, length, width, and customization options of their choice. The results were gorgeous and so inspiring! After finishing up the Ambassador designs, I know we needed to offer Two Tones as an option to everyone. Check out some examples of the Ambassador colorways and the combos some of our customers have chosen: 

We love crafting these custom leashes for you, and hope you enjoy the end result as much as we love making them!  Any questions? Just email us at

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