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All About our BioThane Accessories! Clicker Straps, Keychains, Key Fobs, and Color Wheels!

We're excited to add several new products to our line of accessories! Here we go over each one and give you some tips for use and how to make your selections. Enjoy!

BioThane Clicker Strap

Our BioThane Clicker Strap is lightweight and easy to use. It's designed to keep your clicker secure while in transit or being stored (no more lost clickers!), and for easy access while training. It can be worn on a belt loop or treat pouch, or even wrapped around your wrist (the 12" length is best for this). Choose from three lengths: 8", 10" and 12". Our Clicker Strap includes a lightweight aluminum alloy carabiner and comes in your choice of colors. It's perfect paired with our custom, limited edition Up To Snuff Clicker for those of you who (like us) are fans of Ali and humane, fun, evidence based dog training! 

Up to Snuff Clicker

We are so excited to partner with Ali from Up To Snuff to offer these custom clickers! We're huge fans of Ali here at High Tail Hikes - not only is she one of our Ambassadors (check out our blog interview with Ali from Up to Snuff), but she is dedicated to raising the bar and pushing important conversations forward within the dog training industry - all with the goal of enhancing the well being of dogs. Ali designed these clickers in two colorways to complement our BioThanecolors, and they're perfect paired with our new BioThane Clicker Strap. Show your support for humane, evidence based dog training and be full of fashion too! 

Sport Keychain

We're thrilled with the lightweight, functional, and secure design of our BioThane Sport Keychain! Made with our 3/4" BioThane and available in lots of color options so you can accessorize with your pup! Our Sport Keychain is approximately 6.5" long from end to end. It is built with a strong, lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum carabiner with a screw lock, and a steel split ring on the other end. If you need to be able to access your keys quickly and easily, simply leave the carabiner unlocked. If you need more security, you can spin the lock tight. This is a great option for folks who want the quick on/off convenience of a carabiner, but also want the option to "lock" their keychain for extra security (calling all dog walkers, dog trainers, service industry professionals, or anyone who is on the go with important keys)! This is our new favorite keychain here at High Tail Hikes. 

Brass Keychain

For those of you who want a more classic look, our Brass Keychain pairs a large solid brass bolt snap with a solid brass split key ring, and comes in a variety of color options. Approximately 6" from end to end. It's a solid and timeless design, and it pairs beautifully with so many of our BioThane colors. 

BioThane Key Fob/Wrist Strap 

Our BioThane Key Fob is a loop of riveted BioThane with a steel split ring at the end. It can be used as a keychain or a clicker strap, and can be worn around your wrist, held in your hand, or you can attach a carabiner to it and clip it to your belt loop, backpack, or treat pouch. We offer the Key Fob in two widths - 1/2" and 3/4", and the total length is approximately 6.5" from end to end. 

BioThane Color Wheel

One of the best things about our BioThane products is how many beautiful, vibrant colors we offer! With so many color options, though, it can be hard to choose! That's why we decided to offer a BioThane Color Wheel with all of the colors that High Tail Hikes currently offers for you to use as a reference (available colors are subject to change). All colors are attached to a 2" diameter book ring, so that you can easily take the colors off and rearrange them to help design your next BioThane creation.



We're now offering a stand alone carabiner as a product in our Accessories Collection, as well as an add-on option to all of our Leash and Long Line products. A carabiner is incredibly handy to have on hand for so many reasons! Use as a quick tether or a hands free solution in a pinch, clip items to your backpack or treat pouch, clip your leash or long line to itself while hiking off leash, attach poop bags to your waist, the list goes on! Our carabiner is just over 3" long, and is made from a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy.