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All About our BioThane Hands Free + Convertible Leashes!

 We launched our multifunctional Hands Free + Convertible Leash product about a year ago and since then, it’s become one of our most popular products! We’re so thrilled that so many of you and your dogs have benefited from this incredibly versatile product. I thought we’d review the features in depth so that you can better understand how the leash works, and whether it might be a good fit for what you need!

How It’s Made

First off, our Hands Free + Convertible Leash is made from genuine BioThane, the same material we use for all of our other walking gear. BioThane is an incredible material for dog leashes! Genuine BioThane is designed, tested, and manufactured in the US, and it consists of a woven polyester webbing coated in a waterproof PVC material. It’s waterproof, odor proof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. It’s soft, grippy, pliable in the hand, and incredibly strong and durable (it’s widely used in the equestrian world and is catching on more and more in the dog world). BioThane comes in a ton of fun colors and is tested rigorously for strength, durability, colorfastness, and for holding up in all types of weather. When purchasing a leash made with a coated webbing, we always recommend choosing genuine BioThane. There are many similar materials available, and they may be at a lower price point, but no other manufacturer invests as much in R + D to ensure the quality and longevity of their product. Learn more about BioThane and its properties in this post.

Core Features of the Hands Free + Convertible Leash

Our Hands Free + Convertible Leash is an 8-way leash that can be used as a standard leash as well as worn around the waist, cross body, over the shoulder, as a quick tether, to walk two dogs, or to attach to the both the front and back of your dog’s harness for dual control. It has a convertible handle and three fixed D-rings along its length that allow for three length settings. Our Hands Free + Convertible Leash includes a cross body D-ring located at a fixed point along the leash to allow for cross body wearing, along with a sliding O Ring that can be adjusted for wearing around the waist, over the shoulder, or when in use as a tether. Please review the graphics included in this blog and on the product pages themselves to view all of these features and their possible uses! Please also review this quick demo video of our Hands Free + Convertible Leash

A graphic illustrating 8 different uses of a multifunctional dog leash. Text at the top reads "Multifunctional 8-in-1 Design" and below that there are four graphics showing close ups of the leash components. Next to those graphics are silhouettes of a person and their dog walking with the leash in each of it's various configurations. The configurations are: a standard leash, a leash worn cross body or over the shoulder, the leash used as a tether to a table, a leash clipped to itself to make two shorter lengths, and a person walking two dogs and a dog with the leash clipped to both the front and back of the harness.

Our Hands Free + Convertible Leash can be used at least 8 different ways. 

The best feature of our Hands Free + Convertible Leash is its versatility. It functions beautifully as a standard, everyday leash, while the convertible handle and sliding O Ring are super handy for those moments when you need to quickly secure your dog to yourself or to a fixed object. For example, I used my hands free leash frequently when walking my dog along with our baby in the stroller. If I needed to help my son, pick up my dog’s poop, or pick up a toy my son dropped (or threw) on the ground, I could just clip the convertible handle around the stroller bar and not worry about my dog wandering off. It’s also great for walking with your dog home from the coffee shop or walking from the car to the house while carrying groceries or other bags. 

Text reads"Collar/Harness Attachment: A fixed D Ring at the collar/harness attachment point offers the opportunity to use a leash safety strap, create a short lead or walk two dogs. The visual shows a leash with a fixed d ring and a carabiner at one end, and at the bottom two grey silhouettes demonstrate the two ways to use this feature.

A graphic showing the function of the fixed D Ring at the "Dog" end of the leash.

A graphic with text at the top reading "Crossbody Attachment: A central D Ring offers a cross body attachment point as well as a mid-range leash option." Below the text is a graphic visually showing the central fixed d ring on a dog leash, and below two greyed silhouettes of a dog and walker show the two leash configurations.

The cross body attachment point is located at a fixed point along the leash and allows for cross body use or can be used to make the leash shorter.  

Text reads: "Waist Attachment: A sliding O Ring Creates and adjustable waist attachment point that offers hands free walking and a longer tether option." Below the text is a graphic showing the sliding o ring feature and silhouettes of the feature being used for hands free walking and as a tether.

The sliding O Ring allows for wearing your leash around your waist or tethering around a bigger object (like a tree stump).

Text reads: Handle Attachment: a detachable loop handle offers flexibility for easy handling and the ability to tether the leash to a stationary object." The graphic shows a leash with a convertible handle and carabiner hardware, and below, two silhouettes of a dog and a person with the leash being used as a standard leash and as a tether around a table leg.

The convertible handle is so handy and versatile.

Our Hands Free + Convertible Leash is also fantastic for training and adventuring with your pup!  It can be super helpful for working on skills like recall and loose leash walking. Having the leash secured around yourself makes it much easier to dispense treats efficiently, and you don’t need to worry about accidentally dropping the leash. It can also come in handy on road trips, during beach outings, or on enrichment or “sniff walks."The possibilities are endless!

An image showing a white woman wearing a hands free dog leash over her shoulder and clipped to itself. She is feeding a husky type dog from her treat pouch while the dog who is on the leash, a reddish herding breed dog, looks up at her.

A Hands Free Leash can make it easier to feed treats! In this image the leash is being worn in the cross body configuration.

An image showing a white woman in an open grassy area. She is wearing a convertible hands free dog leash around her waist and she is also wearing a treat pouch. A reddish mixed breed dog head can be seen looking up at her, and there is another husky type dog in the background.

Our Hands Free + Convertible Leash being worn around the waist.

Leash Sizing

Besides its core design and features, the best part about our Hands Free + Convertible Leash is that, like all of our other products, it’s fully customizable! We have five standard length options available for this product - 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 feet. This refers to the total length of the leash while the handle is clipped and the leash is being used in its standard configuration, like a regular leash. As with all our leash products, you can select the leash width of your choice - Small (⅜” width), Medium (½” width), and Large (¾” width) - see our blog post for tips on leash sizing

As you’ll see in the graphics, the cross body D Ring is at the same fixed point on all of our Hands Free + Convertible leashes (about 57” from the end of the convertible handle clip) to allow for cross body use. The section from the cross body D Ring to the end of the leash where it clips to your dog will vary based on the leash length you select. The amount of “slack” from the cross body D Ring to the “dog” end of your leash will be either 3, 4, 5, 7, or 9 feet, depending on which leash length you select. When you’re making your selection, think about how you’ll primarily be using the leash and how much slack you’ll want or need depending on how the leash is configured. As always, if you have any questions, just reach out! We’re always happy to help with a custom recommendation, and we’re also happy to make your leash in a custom length. 

Finally, if you want the versatility of a convertible handle but don’t need additional features, we do offer the option to upgrade to a “Convertible Handle + Sliding O Ring” for ANY leash or long line from our Leash + Long Line Collection! If you choose this option, your leash will NOT include the fixed cross body D Ring or the fixed D Ring at the “dog” end of your leash. It will simply be made with a convertible D Ring and a sliding O Ring instead of a standard loop handle, so that you can wear your leash or long line around your waist, cross body, or use as a quick tether when needed. This is a great option if you’re purchasing a long line and you want to have the option to secure the leash around your waist as a safety back up or for hands free use when needed. 

A graphic that reads "Convertible Handle + Sliding O Ring Add On: Allows your leash to be used hands free, as a tether, or for walking two dogs." Below the text is a graphic of the handle of a dog leash. The handle is convertible, meaning it can be clipped open or closed, and there is a sliding tag with a O ring that the clip can attach to to change the length of the leash or allow the leash to be worn around the waist or cross body.

The Convertible Handle + Sliding O Ring is an optional upgrade that can be built into ANY of our Leashes or Long Lines, and will allow your leash to be used hands free cross body or around the waist. Simply select it under the "Handle Option" drop down on the Leash + Long Line product page.

Hardware Type

Next you'll select your preferred hardware type - either Brass (standard bolt snap or scissor snap; both solid brass) or Sport (autolocking carabiner made from aviation grade anodized aluminum) hardware. Both options are incredibly strong, durable, and rust proof. Learn more about our hardware options in this blog post. We recommend our Sport Hardware if you want 100% peace of mind that your leash will not come unclipped while in use, due to the autolocking mechanism. It’s rare, but possible for either a bolt snap or a scissor snap to come unclipped while in use, if the spring gets triggered by something (especially if your dog likes to do a lot of rolling) or if the spring mechanism fails. If you have any concerns about your leash coming unclipped, we do recommend using a Safety Strap (available with either sport or brass hardware). 

Grahpics show multiple ends of leashes with convertible handles and different hardware types at the end, both solid brass bolt snaps and autolocking carabiners.

Choose your preferred hardware type, color, width, and length to create a truly custom leash!

An image showing a ruler on the left. On the right are several pieces of dog leash hardware. The top row shows two scissor or trigger style snaps and three bolt snaps, all in solid brass. The bottom row shows two black auto-locking carbiners.

Choose either Solid Brass Scissor Snaps (also known as trigger snaps) or anodized aluminum Autolocking Carabiners for your leash hardware. 

Selecting Your Color + Built in Traffic Handle Option

Once you’ve selected your preferred leash width, length, and hardware type, the real fun begins! Choose your leash color from our wide array of color options, and if you just can’t decide, select an accent color to make your leash a Two Tone! This is a great way to make your leash completely unique to you and your dog. Feel free to check out our “Colors” highlight on our Instagram page for lots of ideas for Two Tone color combos!

That’s not all! Finally, you can elect to add a “built in traffic handle” to your Hands Free + Convertible Leash. A traffic handle is a handle that is built in to your leash - either at the base of the leash right above where it clips to your dog, or at a custom placement of either 12”, 18” or 24” above the leash clip. A built in traffic handle can be a helpful feature to have if you need to secure your dog close to you (for example, when crossing a busy street - hence the name). Read more about built in traffic handles and whether they may be a good choice for you in our guide to leash customization

A graphic with text at the top that reads "Built In Traffic Handle: A built in Traffic Handle can be a helpful tool to secure your dog quickly. Choose the custom placement that corresponds to where you would naturally reach for the leash if you needed to secure your dog." The graphics show dog leashes with examples of the placement of the four traffic handle options at different heights along the leash.

A built in Traffic Handle can be a useful safety or management tool to use when walking your dog. We offer four custom placements. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

Don't take our word for it - we have 40+ five star reviews of this incredible product (read them all on the product pages)! Here are just a few things our customers have to say: 

"Found this store through a person I follow on Instagram and it was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a convertible leash that would be give me lots of options (lenght-wise, cross-body, clip on the back and front of harness) as well as an easy-to-clean material that was comfortable on my hands. This ticks all the boxes for me! I also love al

l of the color and personalization options. I'm obsessed with the fact that I could add a built-in traffic handle where I wanted it. All in all - I would 100% recommend this product, my partner and I are super happy with it and we've gotten lots of compliments on it." -Kimmy C. 

"I am so happy with this purchase, it’s perfect for us! I prefer to go hands free when Rizzo and I head out on adventures, this hands free convertible leash works great for walks in town or when we head out on a hike. Rizzo 🐾 and I highly recommend!!!" - Christine L. 

"This leash is great. It is solidly made, and all the hardware is of good quality. The multiple adjustments let me use it for everything from a walk to the coffee shop to nordic skiing. The two colors and the brass hardware make it look very chic. Love it!" -Elise L. 

"The design of this leash is well thought out and the construction is extremely durable. I bought this one as a gift for a friend since I love the one I have so much. Out on walks I receive a lot of compliments and questions about it's unique design. I love how it frees up your hands for other things like quickly giving rewards while training. The traffic loop is useful for when you need your dog to stay close to you." -Karen D. 

A woman in a black sweatshirt and jeans, wears a two tone green hand free leash around her waist, while a husky type dog sits in front of her and looks up. A customer review text at the bottom reads: "Functional, nice and long when wearing it around the hips, lightweight and easy to manage. Great leash!"

Our customers love how durable, functional, versatile, and stylish this leash is.

Final Notes

After being used by thousands of dog guardians, we’re confident that we’ve landed on a design that is incredibly user friendly and feature packed, while also being low profile and free of bells and whistles that you don’t need! Our hope is that, like with all of our products, our Hands Free + Convertible Leash helps you have more fun with your dog out in the world, while keeping everyone safe. 

That said - there are some safety considerations when using any leash, particularly one that is attached to you. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Do not use a hands free leash in any setting where it may be necessary to drop the leash. This applies in both city and outdoor settings. Never leave your dog tethered and unattended. BioThane has many incredible properties, but it is NOT chew proof. A puppy or adult dog, especially left unattended, could easily chew and damage the inner webbing of the leash, rendering it unsafe to use. Please inspect your leash and hardware regularly for any imperfections or other issues that could compromise its function. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and the safety of your dog when you are in a public space, regardless of what type of equipment you use. 

We hope this is helpful, and again - please reach out anytime if you have further questions!